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Hi, my name is Michelle Collins and I’m so glad you found us!

My big brother was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age. When we were kids, there were far fewer services to help him with his specific sensory and behavioral needs. I had to watch firsthand how his conditions made him struggle in the school system, sports, church and our home.

Despite all his struggles growing up, I learned how listening, validating and seeking to understand my brother helped him grow emotionally and socially. There were adults in his life who knew how to do this intuitively, and I saw how well he responded to them.

Mental health professionals have made great progress over the years in understating the unique developmental needs of children and teenagers. A combination of my childhood experience and clinical training began to shape my path to start a practice to ensure the most effective and up-to-date treatments were made available to struggling families.  

Each child has unique gifts and each child deserves to be understood, empowered, connected and loved. Memorial Child and Family Therapy was founded on these principles.

Understood – because when we take on a child’s perspective rather than make ourselves understood as adults, their behavior becomes understandable.  

Empowered – because every parent should have access to the knowledge regarding child development and emotional health.

Connected – because most behavior in children can be addressed by fostering a deep sense of connection between the parent and child, as well as friends and other adults in their lives.

Loved – because when we establish the first 3 values in families, everyone understands that they are truly loved.

We have been operating in the Memorial area of Houston since 2016 and our team of therapists look forward to helping your family!

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