How Does Therapy Work?

Connecting with the Right Therapist

At Memorial Child and Family Therapy, we specialize in working with kids, teenagers and parents to bring healing and connection to the whole family. A younger child might benefit more from play therapy and we have therapists who specialize in this. Some of our therapists are great with pre-teens and teenagers, and others typically work with parents and families. We believe that connecting you with the right therapist is an important first step.

You can find out the cost for therapy sessions here. Each session will be approximately 50 minutes long.

Intake Appointment

Your first session will be between the therapist and either one or both parents. This session will allow your therapist to get a good idea of the issues you are having and where you would like to see improvement. The therapist will also be able to lay out a plan for treatment and allow you to ask any other questions related to therapy. For teenagers, your therapist might have both a parent and the teenager come in for that first session.

The intake appointment is the same rate as a regular therapy appointment. You can conduct your intake session in person or virtually.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are typically once per week. You will be able to access the client portal and book your sessions in advance to make sure you reserve a day and time that works for you.

After some time, you and your therapist might decide to decrease sessions to once every other week or take a break. You are always welcome back at any time if there are more things you’d like to work on.