Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a behavioral condition that makes focusing on everyday requests and routines challenging.

People with ADHD typically have trouble getting organized , staying focused, making realistic plans and thinking before acting . They may be fidgety, noisy and unable to adapt to changing situations.

Children with ADHD can be defiant, socially inept or aggressive.

What are the symptoms of ADHD in children?

Children with ADHD can display a variety of symptoms including but not limited to: fidgeting, unable to sit still, blurting out answers, interrupting, being easily distracted, talking too much, unable to follow through with directions.

For an exhaustive list on ADHD symptoms age by age, click here.

How is ADHD treated?

Typically, treatment for ADHD will consist of a combination of medication and therapy to work on emotional regulation & executive functioning skills as well as help parents adapt home and school environments in ways to help  your child manage and thrive. Certain cases might also require social skills training to help with impulse control, empathy and feelings identification with regards to others.

Evaluating/ Verifying ADHD in your child:

At MCFT, we will:

  • conduct an intensive intake interview to gather an overview of symptoms across different stages of development
  • conduct a thorough behavioral observation
  • conduct a sensory processing screening
  • collect official ADHD assessment screens from different environments to verify the ADHD diagnosis.

Treating ADHD:

After this process, your therapist will:

  • help answer questions on how the ADHD brain works, what is normal and what are the can’ts vs. won’ts of ADHD to allow you to fully understand your child
  • guide you through steps to take to make your lives easier as parents of a child with ADHD both at home and in the school environment.
  • give you an individualized treatment plan that will target your child’s specific executive functioning needs.

For more information on medication for children with ADHD and their side effects, click here .

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